Timber Lift & Slide Door Systems


What is Lift & Slide

Timber Lift and Slide doors systems operate much like a sliding car door. The door panel lifts above the track and is able to be open and closed effortlessly.

Product Benefits

  • Doors can be built to the size of an entire wall
  • Bigger panels mean uninterrupted views
  • Much easier to operate
  • Reduced wear and tear compared to traditional sliding doors

Product Features

  • Available with flush pull handle outside for added security
  • High performance manufactured with the IV68 profile system
  • Thermo top thermally broken PVC/Aluminium threshold, means no maintenance and extremely durable Uw Value – 1.33 kw
  • High security
  • Fully welded dual gaskets around perimeter of opening door for maximum performance
  • Both 15 mm running rail and 5 mm running rail for wheelchair and easy access